Reasons for Immigration DNA Testing

There are many reasons that a person may find themselves in need of DNA testing.  From paternity testing to forensic samples Endeavor Laboratories is there for your testing needs.  More commonly these days, immigration is a hot topic.  Immigration DNA testing can be beneficial for many reasons.  If you have been separated from family and need genetic results to gain entrance to the United States, Endeavor can have results delivered in as little as two days.  Immigration DNA testing can provide the necessary results for a variety of causes.


Unites States Citizenship and Immigration Services is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security.  Performing many duties regarding immigration matters, the agency is also responsible for safeguarding national security.  As you may imagine, the processing of immigrant visa petitions, refugee applications and much more can be a tedious task with much attention to detail required.  Often, the USCIS will require biological proof of relationship from an accredited AABB laboratory.

Immigrant visa applications

Alike in concept, visa applications are typically assigned to an immigration officer.  Often this officer will require DNA testing.  This type of testing is the best way to verify biological heritage. Proof of a relative or immediate family member that is a permanent lawful citizen of the United States is necessary to obtain an immigration visa.

Consular report of births abroad

If you are a citizen of the United States and have a child born abroad, reporting this birth as soon as possible is essential.  A consular report of birth abroad needs to be issued to officially record, and claim, the child’s right to United States citizenship.  If the consular finds there is insufficient evidence of a genetic relationship, a DNA test may be required.

Embassies abroad

Similar to the already mentioned, a DNA test may be required by an embassy to prove heritage.  Whether the intent is to gain initial entry, return to your country of origin, or bring a family member home, DNA testing will provide the results you need.


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