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Are you concerned your spouse may be cheating on you? Perhaps you found clothing with suspicious stains. Endeavor DNA Laboratories can help provide conclusive results to confirm or refute the presence of semen, saliva, and male/female DNA on suspicious items.Endeavor DNA Laboratories understands that each case is unique so we offer multiple testing options to best serve your needs. Results are completed in as little as 5 business days. Rush testing options are also available in most cases.

Choose from any of the following testing options:

Semen Detection – This test will confirm if semen is present.

Saliva Detection – This test will confirm if saliva is present.

DNA Detection – This test will confirm the presence of male or female DNA. Both autosomal DNA Detection and Y-STR DNA Detection options are available.

DNA Comparison – This test will compare your DNA against any DNA found on the evidence sample to determine if you are a contributor. Both autosomal DNA Comparison and Y-STR DNA Comparison options are available.

Not sure which testing options are right for you? Contact us today for a confidential, no-obligation consultation today.

Call or email us today to get started. We’ll walk you through the testing process to make sure we’re performing the right testing you need. We understand this may be a difficult time for you. When you’re ready we’ll walk you through every step of the testing process.

ATTENTION: AABB accredited testing activities applies to court admissible testing only.

Sample Collection


It is extremely important that all evidence is handled as little as possible. Whenever possible, use gloves to prevent any potential for contamination. Download our Endeavor DNA Infidelity Order Submission Form to obtain pricing and additional information.

To make your own collection kit, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Use 1 Standard Letter Envelope Per Person. Write the Following Details on Each Envelope:

  • Name of individual providing reference swabs
  • Collection Date

Step 2: Swab Inner Cheek

  • Swab inside of both cheeks using medium pressure for 20-30 seconds. Repeat process using a second swab. Do NOT touch swab tips with your fingers.
  • Sterile swabs can be purchased at most pharmacies. Q-tips® may be substituted, but be sure to cut off one end so only one cotton-tipped end remains.

Step 3: Seal Swabs Inside Letter Envelope

  • Place both swabs into a standard letter envelope
  • Do NOT place swabs in plastic bags
  • Seal the envelope with tape.

If you prefer a reference swab collection kit be provided, please contact us today.

Results Delivery

Results will be delivered directly to the email address you provided at the time of purchase.

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