Court Admissible
Grandparentage Test


Professional DNA Sample Collection

Court Admissible Tests require the sample collection kit be shipped and DNA samples collected by an unrelated 3rd party who has no interest in the test outcome. You have the option of using an unrelated 3rd party sample collector of your choice, or if you are located in the United States, the laboratory can schedule a Professional DNA Sample Collection for you. A Case Specialist will contact you before the DNA sample collection kit is shipped to make sure everything is in order.

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A grandparent DNA test calculates the likelihood of relatedness between a child and one or both grandparents.

A child inherits exactly 50% of its genes from its biological mother and 50% from its biological father, that child shares exactly 25% of its genes with each biological grandparent. If both biological parents of the alleged parent are tested and they do not possess the paternal or maternal genes between them, then they are excluded ruled out as the biological grandparents. When both biological parents of the alleged parent possess the paternal or maternal genes between them, they are not excluded as the biological grandparents.

It may not be possible to obtain conclusive results in a grandparent DNA test if both alleged grandparents are not tested. We recommend testing both alleged grandparents as well as one parent if possible to achieve the most accurate results, similarly to the Missing Parent DNA test.

It is also important to understand that, in reporting the results of a DNA grandparent test, the laboratory assumes that the tested alleged grandparents are, in fact, the biological parents of the unavailable, alleged parent. If there is any question regarding the paternity of the unavailable alleged parent, then the alleged biological grandfather should not be tested.

Court admissible DNA testing requires strict sample collection procedures and stringent documentation requirements. Endeavor DNA Laboratories maintains a network of approved sample collection sites across the United States. Our expert case managers will work with you to schedule a sample collection in your area at a time convenient for you.

After we receive your samples, AABB-accredited court admissible test results will be completed in as little as 2 business days.

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ATTENTION: Our Grandparentage Test is not permissible in the State of New York.

DNA Collection Kit

Each DNA Collection kit contains the following items:

  • Easy-to-follow collection instructions
  • Two FDA-Approved sterile buccal swabs per person
  • One sample envelope per person
  • Consent Form
  • Pre-paid, trackable return

Results Delivery

Results will be emailed to the email address provided at the time of purchase

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