How Accurate is Paternity DNA Testing?

If you’ve ever considered paternity DNA testing, knowing the inner workings of the test is crucial. This specific test provides the knowledge, and possibly, peace of mind that you’ve been searching for. This article will cover the basics of paternity testing as well as common FAQs, such as, how accurate is the testing?




Although the industry standard is to test 16 STR loci, here at Endeavor DNA, we test up to 22 STR loci to determine paternity. Beyond the STR loci, we will also consider the gender identification marker amelogenin. Therefore, our testing results are 100% accurate.


What are STR loci?

Otherwise known as short tandem repeat, STR analysis is a standard method in molecular biology used to compare specific loci on DNA. This comparison is made between two or more samples. Loci, in genetics, is a fixed position on a chromosome where a particular gene or genetic marker is located.


How is the test taken?

To perform a paternity test, a brick of blood is taken from both the child, mother and the father in question. Half of the child’s DNA will match the profile of the mother; the other half will be of the natural father.
However, another method that is growing in popularity is swab testing. With a cheek swab, skin cells are collected that contain your unique genetic profile or DNA.


How soon can a paternity test be performed?

Depending on the type of test being performed, DNA testing can be taken in the last trimester of pregnancy, or as soon as the child is born.


Are tests admissible in court?

Although paternity DNA testing is entirely legal in the United States, not all tests are admissible in custody hearings. It’s always best to check with your trusted advisor for the best path of action.

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