How DNA Can Help with Immigration

One of the biggest hot-button issues within the United States today is immigration. Regardless of individual opinions on the subject, it’s clear there is an immigration crisis facing our country. Between the refugee crisis, illegal immigration, and families getting separated at the border, there needs to be a way to help. DNA testing for immigration can be that lifeline many people need. Whether it’s used to reunite families or prove connections in the United States, DNA testing for immigration holds a world of solutions to the immigration crisis. Here’s how DNA testing can help.

DNA testing

Reunite Families

By using court admissible maternity and paternity testing, the children that have been separated from their families can be reunited faster. Thousands of children have been removed from their parents’ custody by ICE, and efforts to join them aren’t coming soon enough. In some cases, these children are being adopted without the consent of their legal guardians. Using DNA tests can prevent this from continuing.

Proof of Connection

One of the most common paths to immigration in the United States is by joining family members who already reside here. It’s a practice that was used throughout the 1900s and continues today. While documentation is necessary, the best way to prove your relationship is through DNA testing for immigration. Some countries have stricter paths to immigration than others. Especially for these countries, DNA testing can benefit cases of immigration.

With the problems facing the world today, creative solutions have to be found. Concerning the matters of the refugee crisis, illegal immigration, and families separated by ICE, DNA testing for immigration can be the solution. Using DNA can help to reunite families and build cases for immigrants trying to reconnect with family members in the United States. For DNA testing services, contact Endeavor DNA at 888-432-3855 or visit them online.

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