Top 5 Reasons for DNA Testing

Science has come a long way in the past century. Back in the 1930’s forensic testing didn’t exist and many crimes went unsolved due to the lack of understanding of DNA. With each breakthrough in science, we come closer to understanding the world and the human body as a whole. Detectives only 50 years ago would be amazed at how far we’ve come with DNA testing. Now, DNA testing isn’t just for criminal investigations or medical research. Here are the top 5 reasons for DNA testing today.


Of course, forensics is still a primary reason for having DNA tested. The most common sampling method is cheek swabs. However, science has progressed to the point that DNA samples can be collected from a variety of techniques and materials. So, you can collect DNA from bones, teeth, cigarette butts, and most other biological matter.


Immigration is a hot button issue in America. As the laws keep changing, for better or worse, a path to citizenship becomes harder and harder for people to reach. By testing DNA, families that have been separated at the border can find each other again. Plus, if you can prove to have a living relative in the United States, your path to citizenship becomes easier.


Everybody worries about the loyalty of their significant other. Sometimes it’s best to have the peace of mind you need. By testing your significant other’s DNA, you can find out whether or not they have been faithful. These tests can be run for both peace of mind and court admissible circumstance.


You never know when paternity testing is going to be necessary. In cases such as custody hearings and child support battles, the paternity and maternity of a child are of the utmost importance. So, by testing the DNA of the child and the parents, you can have definitive proof of the parentage.


Every year more and more people become aware of the effects they have on the environment and vice versa. Living in an area with contaminated soil can have a bevy of adverse health effects on the body. Many DNA testing facilities offer environmental services to let you know the makeup of the land in your area.

As far as science has come in the past century, every day more breakthroughs arise. While these are the most common reasons for DNA testing today, you never know when the next advancement will come. So for testing services in your area, contact Endeavor DNA at 888-432-3855 or visit us online.

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