Why is Estate Planning Important?

Estate planning is an essential aspect of long-term care and preparing for the future. It can be challenging to think about this happening to someone you love but provides many with the peace of mind they need and deserve in case of a tragic event. Though it might be painful to complete now, we can […]

How to Collect DNA for a Home Kit

There are so many reasons to complete DNA testing. From immigration to infidelity, Endeavor has helped TX residents and people around the country complete, accurate DNA testing for both at-home and court-admissible purposes. Home DNA testing kits have never been more accessible, but it’s understandable to feel some hesitation towards completing one. Here’s a quick […]

Endeavor DNA Will Be Closed Labor Day 2017

The Endeavor DNA Laboratories team would like to remind our customers that we will be closed Monday, September 4, 2017, in observance of Labor Day and will re-open Tuesday, September 5, 2017. We hope you have the chance to celebrate this holiday with loved ones and enjoy your long weekend!

Why Choose Prenatal DNA Testing?

For mothers who have found out they are expecting and have unanswered questions regarding the biological father, prenatal paternity DNA testing in Texas could be the solution you have been searching for. Advancements in technology have provided businesses like Endeavor DNA the ability to provide these three significant benefits to those in need of testing: […]

Endeavor DNA Will Be Closed July 4th

  The team at Endeavor DNA hopes our customers enjoy their holiday weekend celebrating Independence Day and would like to remind everyone our office will be closed Tuesday, July 4, 2017, and will reopen Wednesday, July 5, 2017. Please take the day to spend time with those you love to celebrate our great nation and […]

Signs of Possible Infidelity

There is a lot to be said about infidelity, and one of the first realizations many concerned spouses have is that there is no exact formula of signs or actions that will confirm your loved one is being unfaithful. That being said, there are some different indications to be aware of, which can help you […]

10 Fascinating Facts About DNA

We are fortunate enough in 2017 to be able to offer potential customers around the world the ability to complete affordable DNA testing in Texas through Endeavor DNA Laboratories. With this easy access, there are many out there that might assume DNA is an easily explained and understood science when it, in fact, is very […]

What are Genetic Disorders?

Endeavor DNA Laboratories’ professionals have spent time working with a variety of people for relationship DNA testing, and sometimes the circumstances are more peculiar than others. Though many will seek out these results for court-admissible proof for survivor benefits, custody, child support, immigration, and other grounds similar, some search for relationship validation for health concerns, […]

Arsenic Testing Can Improve Babies’ Health

Many people do not realize that of all the different DNA testing we complete in Texas, we also offer environmental testing, as well. Heavy metals and other toxins continue to be a problem in our environments as a serious health concern. Though many of these metals are necessary for sustainable life, too much can be […]

Avoiding Delays in Immigration

As anyone who has gone through or is going through the immigration process to enter the United States can attest, the road they face can be challenging. Some people have applied more than once, and others are facing these obstacles for the first time. Endeavor DNA has been helping many families reunite by utilizing DNA […]

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