DNA Testing: How Accurate are Your Results

Today’s world has come a long way in regards to scientific advances.  From a society that emerged from the black plaque to discovering organic molecules on other planets, humans have proven there is no limit.   Out of the many discoveries, DNA testing is one of the most readily available and common types of advances made.  Whether you’re curious about connecting to family or trying to solve a crime, DNA testing is useful in several aspects of everyday life.  At Endeavor DNA, we believe in keeping our customers informed on the different services available.  This article will help to clarify some of the common uses of testing and the accuracy they produce.


Paternity Testing

DNA Testing is the most accurate known method of revealing biological relationships.  Proving maternity and paternity within 99% accuracy, the test can also show 100% accuracy when confirming no ties.  One needs to keep in mind that there is a very slight chance of DNA matching even when there is no relationship.  Thus, a paternity test will never be 100% accurate.

Forensic Testing

However, in forensic testing, these results are the easiest and most accurate to obtain.  The process compares two separate samples through blood, hair, skin tissue, or fluids.  Because of the exactness of the results, forensic DNA testing is typically the most accurate piece of evidence that can be provided in court.  Often, testing will be performed on two separate occasions ensuring the consistency of results.

Genealogy Testing

In regards to genealogy, DNA services can be used to reunite families with citizenship and other immigration purposes.  With the simple swipe of the inside of your cheek, you can be on your way to proving ethnicity needed to gain citizenship or desired immigration status.  Often you can obtain your results within a few short days, as well as have them delivered directly to the US Embassy, Consulate, or USCIS office.

Similarly, this type of testing has become popular with regards to the curiosity factor.  More and more companies are offering at-home testing for the purpose of completing family lines and heritage.  Although there are several options available, one needs to be sure to do their research before purchasing.  Each company utilizes different methods to obtain results.  Checking customer reviews and reliable resources is safest when looking to use this type of service.


No matter what your reason is for needing DNA testing, Endeavor DNA Laboratories will get you in the right direction.  An AABB-accredited DNA testing facility, Endeavor will provide accurate results for both legal and nonlegal matters.  Call them today at (888) 432-3855 or visit them online for more information.

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