How DNA Can Reunite Families

Deoxyribonucleic acid, or the more common DNA, is the very makeup of what makes a human a human. It is the building blocks of cells and organs and brains. More importantly, it’s what connects us to those we are related to. DNA is a mashup of genetics from both of your parents. Because of this, scientists can trace DNA. DNA testing is getting more and more popular for individuals to track where their ancestors came from back in the day, but also to identify family members currently living. Here are a few examples of how DNA testing at Endeavor DNA can reunite families.



Because our DNA is a combination of genetics from our parents, paternity and maternity testing is the most common. Fifty percent of your DNA is identical to your father and the other 50% is identical to your mother. By comparing DNA you can have an AABB-accredited facility ensure you have accurate results. Especially in legal cases concerning parentage and child support, these tests are court admissible.


Siblings who have been separated for extended periods of time, may not recognize each other. In some cases, they may not have known of the other’s existence in the first place. For siblings with the same two parents, 50% of their genetic makeup will be the same. For siblings who only have one parent in common, they will share 25% of the same DNA. DNA testing can prove sibling relationships.


If you are half of your parent, you are only one-fourth of each grandparent. For families that need to prove a blood-connection, whether for legal or personal reasons, DNA testing can identify relationships. By comparing each person’s DNA, they can find that matching 25%. If they can’t, that means there is no family relationship involved.


This is a hot topic issue at the moment. As families are separated at the border, or for families hoping to have extended family join them in the states, DNA testing is a popular way to prove blood-relations. Aside from parentage and grandparentage, DNA testing can identify can also connect you with aunts and uncles to ensure you are reunited with the correct person.

Endeavor DNA is an AABB-accredited DNA testing facility that can answer your outstanding questions concerning your family ties. Endeavor DNA gives peace of mind and court admissible results so families don’t have to wait to be reunited with their loved ones. These tests prove it. For any questions, contact Endeavor DNA at 888-432-3855 or visit them online.

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