The Dangers of Heavy Metals

The world is a significant and weird place. Sometimes things that are naturally occurring in the environment around you are directly detrimental to your health. You may not even know why you’re feeling ill when it hits. Heavy metals that are dangerous to your health may be lurking in your soil, water supply, or even cremated remains. Here are a few heavy metals and their symptoms. If you experience any of these effects, contact Endeavor DNA for their environmental services.


You’ve probably heard of arsenic from any procedural drama on television. It’s very dangerous and sometimes used as a poison. Arsenic is believed to be carcinogenic. When humans ingest arsenic, it coagulates proteins and inhibits the production of ATP during respiration. Other bodily dangers of arsenic include nerve inflammation, muscular weakness, and death.


There are a variety of side effects to beryllium exposure. Depending on how humans ingest beryllium, it has different hazards. Breathing it in impacts the lungs, but it has been known to affect the liver, kidneys, and heart. In some cases, beryllium also poses a threat to the nervous system and lymphatic system. Seek out environmental services if you experience any of these symptoms.


Cadmium is a heavy metal that targets the liver, brain, and kidney. For those who are pregnant, cadmium can harm your placenta. The lungs and bones also feel the adverse effects of cadmium. Symptoms of cadmium poisoning include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, dyspnea, and muscular weakness.

Hexavalent Chromium

Hexavalent chromium is toxic to plants and animal life anywhere. Chromium acts as a strong oxidizing agent, making it corrosive. One of the scariest attributes of chromium is its ability to diffuse through cell membranes. You may not even know you were exposed until it’s harming your systems.


Lead is one of the metals that everybody knows is dangerous to human health. While many places have gone to great lengths to eliminate lead paint and other lead products, it is still out there. It causes dysfunction of the kidney, reproduction system, liver, and brain. Prolonged exposure to lead can result in death and inhibition of the synthesis of hemoglobin. This causes problems with your cardiovascular system, Central Nervous System, and the Peripheral Nervous System. Other symptoms of lead poisoning are anemia, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, anoxia, high blood pressure, and muscle and joint pain.


Different forms of mercury affect people in different ways. Inorganic forms of mercury can cause spontaneous abortions, congenital malformation, and gastrointestinal disorders. Organic forms cause an abnormal irritation or sensitivity of an organ or body part to sensitivity, Pink disease (rash and desquamation of the hands and feet), gingivitis, stomatitis, and neurological disorders. Some cases can result in total damage to the brain and central nervous system, and congenital malformation.

These heavy metals are hazardous and can be hiding in plain sight. If you’re wary of the soil quality or water quality in your area, get it tested. Endeavor DNA environmental services can test these, as well as the cremated remains of loved ones you worry may be toxic. Contact them at 888-432-3855 or visit them online here.

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